Countdown to the Year-End Close

If you are looking forward to taking some time off during the holidays, you will probably be concerned with the long list of tasks you need to complete before and after your vacation, such as those related to the year-end close. Your ability to enjoy that time off might also be tainted by the fact that you’re worrying about work to-dos. In my career as an accounting professional, I have always been involved in the year-end close, yet managed to stay away from the office during the holidays. Before asking for the days off, I refined what I thought was the perfect plan to ensure the year-end close would not fall apart. But, it wasn’t only about convincing my boss that I had everything under control, it was more about my peace of mind. I did not want to be at the dinner table with my family having a conversation about my employer’s external audit team, or the massive data I had to work with to reconcile the accrued expenses account. I wanted to leave the office around December 20th and not have to think about it until January 3rd. Here is my perfect plan for accomplishing my mission:

November 8th, 2016|Accounting, General|0 Comments

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Adventures in Entrepreneurship: Business Formation & Branding


October was National Women’s Small Business Month! Let’s join in the celebration by connecting with our fellow entrepreneurs, while also gaining some insightful tips so that we can continue to grow in the business world. We will do just that at our next meetup! In addition to meeting other members of our group, we will have our first guest speaker, Marina Warner, from The Warner Firm, who will share with us everything we need to know about business formation and branding.

October 14th, 2016|General|0 Comments

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Get Paid Fa$t! Entrepreneurs’ Guide to Savvy A/R: Workshop & Networking Event

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Does it take a long time for you to collect payments from your customers?
Do you feel uncomfortable talking about payments with your customers?
Do you find yourself chasing payments at the last minute when you absolutely need it?
A/R (accounts receivable) is a vital component of cash flow management. “Get Paid Fa$t! Entrepreneurs’ Guide to Savvy A/R” – This after-work workshop & networking event will provide an opportunity to master effective tools as well as the fail-proof process which will help you collect from your customers painlessly & fast!

The event will take place on July 27th at 6pm at WeWork Penn Station location. Join us for the evening of quick learning and casual networking over tasty refreshments.

July 5th, 2016|Accounting|0 Comments

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